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The Patrol Division is the department's largest division,
and is lead by Capt. Cox. 

The division is responsible for all line functions which include: patrol, answering citizens' calls for service, traffic enforcement and safety.


The police departments patrol officers are the backbone of the department and provide round-the-clock police services to the citizens and visitors of our community. They are an eclectic and diverse group of dedicated men and women from a wide range of ages and ethnic backgrounds. A typical day in the life of a patrol officer may include:  Routine patrol, traffic enforcement, responding to alarms, assisting citizens, providing traffic control at accident or fire scenes, preparing detailed reports, making arrests, attending training, performing security at public meetings, recovering lost property, assisting the Salina Animal Shelter, conducting business and bar checks, and many, many other tasks. Patrol officers are assigned to one of six beats in Salina. All of the beats are staffed full-time, with extra officers covering the busiest areas during time of peak activity.


The K-9 Unit, overseen by Sgt. Londono, has two K-9 Units that are available to assist patrol officers around the clock. The units are allowed 16 hours per month for maintenance training to ensure the K-9's proficiency, and they are trained to do the following: 

  • Located and indicate six illegal drug odors

  • Search buildings and other areas for unauthorized persons

  • Track criminals and search for lost people

  • Search for evidence dropped by criminals in flight

  • Apprehend criminals that have committed serious crimes with minimum force

  • Protect the handler during a physical altercation

Police K-9's that are properly trained and handled, provide invaluable assistance to field officers in the detection of crime and apprehension of suspects.


The Mission of the Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) is to support the Salina Police Department with any high-risk operation that requires special skills or equipment and goes beyond the standard patrol response capability.

Examples of situations that, by their potentially violent and/or specialized nature, indicate the need for SWAT mobilization include:

  • Armed suspect(s) with hostages

  • Barricaded gunman or suspected barricaded gunman

  • Service of search warrants on violent or potentially violent suspect(s)

  • Arrest of violent or potentially violent suspect(s)

Because the team uses highly sophisticated equipment, ranging from armored vehicles, less than lethal options, gas options and specialized communication devices, the SWAT Team is ready and able to handle the most extreme law enforcement situations. Team members are a very dedicated and professional group of police officers who have made a total commitment to protecting the citizens of Salina.

The SWAT Unit is headed by Capt. Hanus.


The Traffic Unit is responsible for monitoring and soliciting citizen cooperation in complying with state and city motor vehicle laws. The focus of their duties is to target hazardous moving violations (speeding, running red lights, careless driving, etc.) and to strictly enforce driving under the influence (DUI) violations in an effort to improve the overall quality of life for
our citizens while traveling Salina's roadways. 


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